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Do you suffer from poor circulation or swollen feet and ankles?

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REVITIVE Advanced uses scientifically-tested Electrical Muscle Stimulation. It's our powerful and effective medical device, suitable for people with poorer circulation. Speak to your pharmacist or healthcare professional about how REVITIVE Advanced may help you to:

  • Actively improve circulation
  • Reduce swollen feet & ankles
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Key Benefits of REVITIVE Advanced

REVITIVE Circulation Booster has been developed and tested by researchers at leading UK universities. Drug-free, REVITIVE Advanced uses scientifically-tested Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which may help to actively improve circulation and alleviate discomfort. Use the remote control to gradually increase the intensity until you can feel or see your leg muscles contract and relax, to pump the blood up through the legs and back to the heart.

Unique Features

  • Other features include:
  • 15 Stimulation Waveforms
  • Electrode Body Pads
  • Drug Free
  • Remote control

With 99 intensity levels REVITIVE Advanced can be adapted to meet a wide range of circulation needs. This range of intensity levels makes REVITIVE Advanced suitable for everyone, including those with with poorer ciculation.

The IsoRocker gently allows ankle joint movement, replicating heel-toe raises as the leg muscles contract and relax. This rocking action allows movement of the ankle joint, without placing undue pressure on legs and feet.

Our latest breakthrough in circulation technology which results in a more comfortable stimulation.

How REVITIVE works

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See REVITIVE in Action

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Bob and Nancye
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What REVITIVE users say

Over a million people around the world have purchased a REVITIVE Circulation Booster, helping to actively boost their circulation and to keep doing the things they love.

The walks were getting harder. We saw the REVITIVE ad and thought it would work for us. It’s the best money I've ever spent.

Bob and Nancye**

I upgraded and am pleased to report that it is better than ever. The new design is a great improvement on what was an already great product.Reevoo Logo

Donald, Victoria Point QLD**Reevoo Logo

**Individual results may vary

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