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Revitive IX

Revitive IX

Revitive IX Circulation Booster, with unique IsoRocker™ system and 15 variable waveforms, including the patented Widepulse waveforms.

    Revitive IX is designed to:
  • Actively improve circulation
  • Reduce swollen ankles

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Customer Stories

Easy to use, can sit down and relax watch the television while you're using it. Doesn't take long, all you need is half an hour on it each day and feel the results. You can gradually increase the intensity of the machine to a level that is comfortable for you.

Tina, South Australia**

Customer testimonials from independent review site REEVOO. **Individual results may vary

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Revitive® IX Circulation Booster

Revitive IX is our innovative device, with its unique IsoRocker, WidePulse waveforms and intensity levels from 1–99. REVITIVE IX actively improves leg circulation and reduces swollen feet and ankles.

  • 99 Intensity Levels

    99 Intensity Levels

    With 99 intensity levels Revitive IX is suitable for everyone, including those with poorer circulation.

  • WidePulse waveforms

    WidePulse waveforms

    Providing a longer stimulation pulse, WidePulse waveforms give your leg muscles a longer contraction and a more effective increase to the blood circulation.

  • IsoRocker


    Electrical pulses cause the calf muscles to gently tense up, then relax, which in turn causes the Revitive device to rock back and forth.

  • 15 variable waveforms for better muscle-habituation

    15 variable waveforms

    Helping to avoid muscle habituation (where muscles start to contract less effectively when repeatedly doing the same thing), Revitive IX has 15 variable waveforms, each with a different pattern, to ensure the muscles contract more effectively throughout each session.

  • Revitive TENS body pads

    Electrode Body Pads

    Revitive IX includes 2 pairs of electrode body pads to target other areas of the body, such as knees and thighs.

  • Revitive Remote control

    Remote control

    For ease of use Revitive IX can be operated with its remote control or manually.

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How easy is Revitive to use?

For a simple demonstration of Revitive IX in use, watch the short video below:

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Revitive Circulation Booster models are all specifically designed to be simple and easy to use for everyone:

  • Sit down and place both bare feet on the footpads
  • Use the remote control to gradually increase the strength (ie ‘intensity level’) of the electrical pulses that trigger muscle action
  • Intensity level can be set from 1 up to 99
  • You will first feel tingling or ‘pins and needles’ - keep increasing the intensity level until you feel and see strong, comfortable tensing and relaxing of your calf muscles
  • The IsoRocker system will allow your feet and ankles to rock back & forth on the device, replicating heel-toe movement
  • You have complete control at all times
  • A typical session lasts 20 to 30 minutes - use regularly to gain maximum benefit
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  • What is the IsoRocker?

    The Revitive IX incorporates the standard IsoRocker:

    • • Electrical pulses cause the calf muscles to gently tense up, then relax, which in turn causes the Revitive device to rock back and forth
    • • Promotes foot and ankle movement
    • • Enables greater stimulation of foot and calf muscles than the non-IsoRocker models, producing more blood flow

    • Revitive IX can also be used without the IsoRocker (in ‘static mode’ the device is used in a comfortable angled position)
  • The Importance Of Leg Circulation

    Blood flows around your body as part of the circulatory system. Our bodies were designed to be active and so when you walk your leg muscles actively contract and relax, to pump the blood up through the legs and back to the heart. Healthy leg circulation is where blood carries carbon dioxide and waste products pumped from your legs, through your veins back to the heart and oxygenated blood is returned to the legs.

    If you are unable to take regular exercise, the leg muscle pumps are less active and blood flow is reduced. This can cause blood and fluid to pool in the legs, which in turn, may cause swelling and discomfort.

    Read more about the importance of circulation
  • What Does It Feel Like?

    After placing both bare feet on the footpads of the Revitive IX Circulation Booster, increase the intensity level for the feet (levels 1-99) until you see or feel strong, comfortable, non-painful muscle contraction. This feels like a tingling, pins and needles sensation. You can control the intensity and duration with the easy-to-use remote control. Use regularly for 20 to 30 minutes to experience the full benefit.

  • Drug-Free Benefits

    The Revitive IX Circulation Booster is a drug-free and non-invasive solution to improve leg circulation. If you are sitting or standing for long periods, even just one session may help.

  • Clinical study conducted by Imperial College London

    A trial of Revitive in healthy individuals has been conducted by Imperial College London, led by Alun H. Davies, Professor of Vascular Surgery. The results were published in 2014 in the journal Phlebology. This trial looked at the effect of using Revitive on blood flow in the arteries and veins of the leg and concluded that by improving blood flow, Revitive has the ability to counteract blood pooling in the limbs caused by prolonged inactivity.

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